Iron Man Pepakura Build!


Got some update pics with some rough sanded bondo! I am excited to get it done with the warm weather! Enjoy...




New Hunter
Ok. My name is Sam. I extremely new to the pepakura scene and am building the Master chief armor with my Wife Brittany. I really need some guidance to find more. I'm dying to have the files to make Iron Man. I'm a huge fan. My email is Please give a helpless newbee some help and let me know where to find the files for Iron Man and other armor. I'd really really really apprciate it. Looked at your build. It's lookin great. Please help!

nice helmet ^^ i'm trying to make one myself but i've run into problumes with the size of the faceplate and the helmet part i don't know how to size the parts to fit together right if anyone can help me please PM me