intwenothor ESB helmet painting WIP


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Thanks for kind words brothers. Need to do some weathering and looking for some tips. Might have a daylight opportunity tomorrow. Grateful for help.

Got a colour for the lower cheeks (23 or 28 - can't remember).
What do people use for the dent and scorch? I don't just want to wade in with black.
Any tips for the lighter green weathering around the stripes?
Any weathering tips for the back panels? They look pretty grubby in the efx video.

Thanks for your help precious.

Dream it.


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Paint job looks great. Try grey 32 to add weathering/ shading on the back panels and lower cheeks also for the dent scorch mark. The lighter green below the kill stripes I use white thinned down and applied topically with a brush as the ref pics...


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Great work. I've been following this thread.

I'm loving your back panels......for quite obvious reasons....!


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No update for a long time but managed to get a few shots of some weathering in the daylight. There is still more to do but largely of topical nature and I'm starting to feel that this is nearly there now:).

I went pretty light with the cheek and back panel weathering using a few passes of grey 27 as I feel it achieves a better look with it being lighter than heavier but that's just my preference although in these pics they appear somewhat lighter than they are. The dome scorch I used the same grey 27 for a couple of light runs in the general area and then used a few passes of a darker colour (might have been grey 79 - I forget) to bring in some of the daker areas rather than lay on more of the same colour. I used the same darker colour for the spot over the rangefinder ear. The areas around the stripes was done with the main green (78 I think) that was toned down with a bit of matt white (34).

I probably gave the most thought to the two white smudges. For some strange reason I found doing them the most fun. I simply put some paint of my little finger and smudged it on there (so, finger painting basically) and then touched the smudges up a bit with a fine brush; I felt they had probably appeared by just such careless means in the first place.

Then I gave it a gentle buff with the wool and popped it in the sink with some fairy and gave him a wash.

Visor placement is temporary for these shots but it just looks naked without one there.











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Thanks men, plenty still to do but thanks for the kind words. Might go back in for some of the smudges on the right cheek and lots of other areas to go into. Put the visor in to tie it together. Need to start on the RF.