INTEREST? RESIN casts of Webley Flare gun?


E.D.C. Studios

Im talking component castings here, so when you assemble it the trigger pulls and it still breaks open to load a shell. The hammer will not function though.

This first run would be intended for use in a ROTJ conversion, so that barrel will be cut off. I made this first mold off of my short barreled Webley to conserve both silicone and resin. I plan on making a second mold of the long barrel down the road for an ESB version of the Webley.

This is a repost of my thread from the RPF. I saw many of you here in need of component parts so I thought I could help out ;)

The whole thing including the stock and mounting plate for say $75-100 shipped?

Individual parts will also be available upon request.

The conversion is up to the individual, however I may consider offering some parts for it as well as offering a tutorial.

Here is a pic, the castings are close to flawless, and need only minor cleanup.


If you would have interest in this just post here ;)

Their are some bubble that need to be filled on the top of the pour, but overall they are pretty flawles and design so that bubbles that need to be filled end up on flat spots to make your job a little easier.
There wouldn't be a way for you just to pour ESB barrels separately?? There is so much interest because there have been so many (good) ROTJ replicas around, the ESB is unheard of! Please keep me posted on any development of that!! BTW, that casting looks amazing!!!! ;)
Yes, shortly after the Short barrel versions are cast, I will be offering the barrels for the ESB, I mentioned this before actually ;)
You can definitely count me in. I have yet to find a Webley casting, and I'm dying to get my hands on one. I guess being patient is the key.


tk0000 wrote:

Any word on these?

Yep they are DONE....just clearing up some pending orders on other stuff before I offer these up...I'll have some pics soon
Don't mean to keep bumpin this thread up, but I really want one of these, & haven't heard anything for a while! Whats the scoop?
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