Imperial Boots ESB Ammo Belt Question


Anyone ordered this from them? The pictures don't reflect the ESB variant but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I'm wondering if it's 7 pouches and 2 snaps, if anyone has bought this from them. Thanks!


I couldn't ever get a reply when I asked this same question of them, tried a couple of times. So I spent a little bit more and got a belt from Delta13Mike. The leather and craftsmanship is amazing, highly recommend!
Thanks for the reply! I'm getting the same thing. No response to multiple emails. I'll probably go your route too. Delta was very responsive when I asked him previously about his belts.
It seems I'm following your lead mattman1138 ;) I'm probably gonna want to reach out to him as well for a RoTJ Ammo Belt. (If he offers the RoTJ variant)

I reached out to a user that goes by the alias "Boba Fiend", I had thought his work was immaculate and woulda paid a pretty penny for that work. I reached out and got a reply, and sadly as it were, he is no longer taking on commissions for this work. But here is a sample of what he provided once upon a time.
Boba Fiend's Ammo Belt.png

That'd be the quality that I'm after.