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well i was just sitting here at work and then an idea came to me about getting the rf lights to turn on when the rf is down. Instead of the tilt switch, which can shut off or turn on at any moment do to the way you move your head, or using a switch inside the helmet to turn it on. Why not have what they have in treadmills.

I work for a company which makes treadmills and there are two components the safety key and the reed switch. The safety key is basically a magnet. the reed switch is a sensor/magnet of some sort. when the safety key is placed on it it sends a signal to the control board saying that its on and the unit will turn on or shut off if the key is removed.

so in theory if you place a magnet inside the stalk, and the sensor (reed switch) on the bottom part where the stalk would rest when down it would activate the lights in the RF.

Does this make sense? no toggle switches no tilt switches, just a magnet, and sensor no way for it to accidently turn on or off, and no having to flip a switch. unless you have a RF servo, or fans.

let me know what you guys think.

here is a link for a small reed sensor which should work, ill keep looking. but once the magnet on the stalk comes in the range of the magnetic field it would activate the lights in the rf
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which makes treadmills and there are

As soon as I read the word treadmills someone on the TV said "treadmill"...weird.

Another idea is to solder one wire of the battery directly to the stalk (if it's aluminum) and the other to a small metal plate that sits on the earcap. When the stalk is down the two conductors meet, and the lights turn on.
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