I feel like an expectant father...


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Those of us that paid $185 for a booth and $100 for the hotel and $50 in fuel to and from and $250 for our help and $100 for food and drinks and only walked out of there having made $1,000 weren't all that thrilled, either. I definitely feel your pain.

I honestly thought that where the flyer said "The biggest Sci Fi con in New England" that it would've been bigger than a room and a hall. Finding this out after walking there from the framingham train station, I was annoyed.
hey welcome to the forums!

nice Ahmah!

I got mine from that same source ;)

Yeah, it's YOUR fault that I'm buying armor in the first place. Once I saw you I said "Hey, I wanna do a Manalorian, too!"

Of course, at the time, I was not aware that under the armor was an uber-sexy amazonian punk goddess.
Got my armor today. Even nicer than I expected. I can't wait to get it trimmed and ready for color.

I'm going to document the whole thing in my Flickr account.
First pics up of my progress on my Flickr page:


I'm very interested in hearing the opinions, good and bad. Please hold no punches.

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