How to un-stiff my gauntlet hoses?


Any help on this?

I have a set of hoses I just purchased at a local hardware store. They look good, but are super stiff. They are not going to give me much flexability, and I am worried.

Any tips on how to soften these up?
They are kind of thick. (ARGH)

Anyone got suggestions of where to get BETTER hoses?
I can shop online if necessary!
Try sitting there with them for 5 minutes constantly felxing them. See if it starts to give?
I was going to type 10 minutes, but that's cruel. LOL
i was talking about the flexibility issues with the gauntlet hoses with my dad earlier today, i told him it had to be clear, flexible and with a mesh in it, he said fuel hose might work well.

I had hoses like that, they never got any softer.
You know the little spray gun on the side of your kitchen sink? I bought a couple replacements of those. The little sprayer comes with a braided hose and they are much more flexable. The ones I got have the same mesh inside.
Oh ya and how do you keep your sleeve from creeping up the hose?? know what I mean? I posted thins in another thread and didn't get a reply...
I believe it's the same hose as the one on the sink, when it comes to the plumbing hose, they're made hard for some reason but air hoses are soft, I think the ones on the spray guns on the sink are the same as the air hose because they dont require much pressure, as for the sleeve creeping up, I only had that problem when my hose was stiff, When it was stiff it kept a curve that it was given during packaging so it just slid up the hose. if that makes any sense
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