Houston we have a problem...


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I screwed up and did not properly store my chest armor correctly, and as a result my armor was destroyed by the wonderfull Florida heat. :eek: :cry

Does anyone have the Sintra template patterns handy or know about where I can find them. I threw mine out and really could use the extra time not spent making new templates, either painting or working on my comic strip. :facepalm
Dude I'm sorry to hear that. I too suffer from the Florida heat, but I actually used this to my advantage once. My friend, using his full mental capacity, left his DP97 in his car in direct sunlight while we both went to MegaCon. When we got back, we were like "dude, we gotta fix that 97 you got, it looks horrible." So when he said it was in his car, I was like "uh oh!" Turns out, when we found his helmet in his car, it was somewhat closed up upon itself. (The ears were like getting close together and there was like a reverse flair). So we proceeded to find random objects around the house, and presto, we had it positioned correctly as to look much better than the typical DP 97! If you guys ever get a crummy bucket, just leave it in the car heat for a few hours, and hopefully you will get a moldable bucket! Anyways I hope I didn't hijack this thread going on and on about bucket tradgeties gone good! I hope you get your armor back to however it was, or even better!
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