Homemade Girth or Rope belts

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So, I started this project before I knew you could get a 38" girth belt for $15. I understand you have to soak the store-bought one in acetone before you can dye it anyway - seems like a hassle.

Here's my parts list:
1.] 40 feet of 1/4" cotton rope from the hardware store.
2.] burgundy Rit dye
3.] two 3/4" buckles
4.] 1 yard of black 3/4" strap material

I dyed the rope, then I cut it into fourteen 32" pieces. I lined them up and just stitched a needle straight through 7 rows and back again (repeat 3 times) at 4 points along the belt.

Once I got 2 belts of 7 rows each, I lined them up and stitched the two belts into one big one of 14 rows. I got two 3/4" buckles and the black ,3/4" strap material at the fabric store. I left some extra on the straps so I can adjust it to the perfect length once I try it with my armor on.

Entire finished project cost about $12. What do you think?

Reference photos:

Stitching diagram

Finished photos:

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It turned out great, thanks for the tutorial. I think I will do the same. :)
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Nice dye job. I scratch built my first one also, but I later realized that you can buy a real girth belt for less.
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awesome, man, inspiring even........
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TK-409...you will never stop to impress me! Started as a novice not so long ago, and you just created not just two or three, but probably four things and in record time...scratch built! For me, you're not longer an apprentice...YOU"RE A MASTER NOW! :cheers

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I never soaked my Stateline Tack Mohair girth in acetone... Just boiled it a few hours in the liquid Rit dye, then stretched it on a plank with nails to hold the buckles and let it dry for a few days. It never shrunk, and it kept its color... :)
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DarthVader1 wrote:

...YOU"RE A MASTER NOW! :cheers

:lol: Thanks! This forum, and all of you, have been EXTREMELY helpful - no way I could have done these things without it.

I was really going to try and make the jumpsuit from an existing suit, but this weekend I ordered a jumpsuit and vest - ComicCon is approaching too quickly!! :D

RE: acetone - a couple other Fett builders here had said they had to go the acetone route on the store-bought girth belt so that's where I got that info. Also, didn't you have to cut down the length - they don't come any smaller that 38" do they?
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Trooper TK409 wrote:

Also, didn't you have to cut down the length - they don't come any smaller that 38" do they?

Nope. I wear a 36", so I figured what the length was WITH the leather straps in place (38" + 6" straps = 44"). I knew that it had to shrink 8" total (44" - 8" = 36") in order to fit. Trust me. After you boil Mohair for 2 hours and let it dry, shrinking is NOT a problem! I set my nails at 30" apart (since I didn't have the 6" leather straps attached during the boiling/cooling process). Once boiled and dyed, I stretched it on the nails for a few days, took it off (it was still 30"), attached the straps, and it fit perfectly! :D
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That looks great!!!!!

Just goes to show you that necesity is the mutha of invention.

And yes..I know I spelled it wrong. :lol:

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all i have to say is NICE work...i will definately follow this tutorial, as I have successfully done with your glove tutorial on your web site. You do excellent work my friend; your postings are invaluable!
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here is my finished rope belt. I may tidy up the ends a bit,
but I kinda like the rough, beat up look.

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<img src=><img src=>
<img src=>
Ok here ya go the history :)

My girth don look accurate because i buy the wrong cord, i buy the 0.5mm, and to make a more acurate we need a 0.7mm
how i get this?
thanks to DarthVader1 and seventhz777z i got the measurements for the girht http://tdh.prop-planet.com/viewtopic.php?topic=7233&forum=3
both confirm the width is 4" and the lenght well some are more large than others so...
20 and 14 are the cuantity of the strings
(0.5mm * 20) / 2.54cm = 3.93700787 = 4" aprox
0.5mm * 20 = 10cm

(0.7mm * 14) / 2.54cm = 3.85826772 = 4" aprox
0.7mm * 14 = 9.8cm

1" = 2.54 cm
ok i buy a 19mt of 0.5mm cotton cord(for the accuracy you need the 0.7mm)
and i put some nails on that table and the rest is history
i still need buy the four bucles and dying this girth :)
what do ya think :)

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Great work secol!!!! looks pretty darn good too me. Any idea where you are going to get the buckles?
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Appolo_50 wrote:

Great work secol!!!! looks pretty darn good too me. Any idea where you are going to get the buckles?

i dont know, today i go to buy the buckles, but im think in finish this thing this weekend so :)

Omega_Man wrote:

Can you make me a blanket :lol:
funny very funny

thanks guys (y)
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Thank you Very much FettHunter for helping me to wrap my mind around the math concerning what size belt I need to purchase to fit me. I really didn't want to have to send one back and hope that next time I'd guesstimate correctly. I think now I can order with some semblance of certainty...Now I just have to hope for dark grey Rit dye if the "natural" color model won't mesh with the white in my armor. If not then I'll have to hope for dark grey/charcoal, and if not grey, then black to die the belt. Earlier I was going to buy a belt from someone else until I dug a bit in the forum-this thread and another saved me about $30 or $40, maybe more after shipping! Thanks again!

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