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Hi everyone, I've perfected a technique that allows me to produce a hollow stalk. They are resin with a lightweight hollow metal tube cast on the inside. they are very strong (no bending) and easily fit 2 wires through (even 4 wires if the thinner ones are used). I'm not listing these on my website just yet as I need to secure the supply of the metal inner tubes.

However, I currently have enough tube to make 4 copies, so I'm offering these here for the same cost as my normal stalks, these will normally cost a little more to cover the extra for the tube.


Just to recap:

US $20.50 inc airmail
UK £10.25 inc 1st class post

1. Gonzo Fett
3. LionsPride
4. Rat_Fett

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Gonzo Fett

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well lets see..I've got a soild resin BM stalk
an aluminum from BKBT
an MS one....well I don't see why I should stop my collection there :lol:

Put me on the list


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count me in for one BM, PM me paypal info plz

While your at it, you might as well send me some of your legendary armor too, do you take I.O.U.'s ? ok how bout payments? NO .. hmm well then how bout a trade, I have a 77 Dodge 4x4 PU truck w/ a snowplow sittin in my back yard i'm lookin to get rid of... Crap wait thats my brothers that he's been STORING AT MY HOUSE for 2 years. :facepalm . sigh

serriously though with all the overtime i'm puttin in (another 13 1/2 hour day today) it won't be long and you'll be hearing from me for some of your armor, it's next on my list of must-haves. (y)


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Man, that hollow stalk would be perfect for the RF board I built. Hey BM, on a side note, what internal dimensions do your hollow rangefinders have? My board may work good in them, if they are close to a DP version.