Original stalk measures

Hi,after buying helmets since 1997 I have different stalks from different members,all of them with different measures.

I have recently adquired a copy of the screen used helmet and I would like to complete it with the most accurate accesories.

Does anyone know the measurements of the screen used stalk?.

Thanks and merry christmas.


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RS and Machinecraft know them, as well as Gino/eFX and a few more. Maybe some owners of the alu ears made by those could tell you.


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Here are some measurements, which I believe are pretty close to the screen used ones:
Boba Fett Helmet Rangefinder Measurements.jpg

Jango Fett Jr

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My MCR stalk is a hair over 7 7/8” 6 7/8”


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What were they using in the UK around 70s? Imperial or metric? Maybe it's 175mm and the transformation to imperial is not exact?