Here's a couple ideas for Custom Mandalorian boots


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Hello guys. everything is slow yet there is some progress with my Custom Mando. as for Boots, I talked to a couple guys in the Southern Outpost about their custom mandos and one of them told me about the sportsmans guide. I think Jun Garros Fett also pointed this out to me before, yet I forgot.

Here's a couple I like:

I'm not a fan of too many zipper boots, yet these make up for that

Here's yet another one

and the last one

take a look and see if there's any that you like.


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The last pair is awesome, but a little out of my pricerange right now. Still wicked awesome though.

I'll be using a pair of boots I already have for my Mando. They're similar to the second pair.

Let us know which pair you get if you get them!


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Have you ever thought about Bates brand boots? For my Uniforms, primarily, my Utilities, and BDU's, I wear a really good pair of combat boots from bates. I cant find the style of boots on the site, perhaps they may be out of date. But these boots have been through hell and back, survived the relentless rivers of Canada and the un-forgettable stench of the poop-brown water of the bogg... And they keep going and going. The best boots out there in my opinion.



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Be careful with bass pro shops, the one near me is notorius for over pricing almost everything they sell. However, I got mine for $80, and they are size 16's. They dont sell those in your local walmart;)



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Here is another thought in a different direction from all of these military style boots. I made my custom mando boots out of my old pair of Moto-Cross boots. They had a natural kind of "Off-World" look that I liked. I added some plastic plates with some spikes on them to cover the logos, and since they were already kinda beat up, I didn't even have to weather them. You can find good used boots like this on ebay if you look. Or if you are into moto-cross like us, you can dig your old pair out of the garage or check local bike shops.