Helping out a complete Newb


New Hunter
Hey guys, I actually don't know how I ended up here but here I am. One night I just had the idea to buy a star wars helmet, next thing I know its 4 a.m. and I am here surfing the forum boards, determined to start doing this stuff.
I have no idea where on earth to begin with this stuff.
I ordered a Kellogs Clone trooper bucket off the Ebay and am planning on converting it over to a Rebel Commando helmet. I will obviously need to expand it and paint it and reinforce it.
Could some of you guys direct me to some how-to sites?
I know absolutely nothing about any of this, and I need as much help about all of it as possible.
This looks like a really fun hobby, but I need some help getting into it.
"Help me Dented Helmet Forums, you're my only hope!"