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Ok guys, went out troopin for the DVD release and the only problem I had with my trooper armor this time was the bicept came unglued. So to fix it for good I decided to rivet it. Here is how it turned out, I used aluminum Pop Rivets with washers so what went wrong?

Use ABS glue...rivets will work also like you said. The more you wear it the more mods you will make so it will fit and stand-up better. E-mail our Garrison board for better hints on the TK gear.
Thanks guys, great advice Glen, as a matter of fact a member of my garrison told me to use the rivets because that is what he used. I think you even know the fella, goes by the name of Bob Link.

I also met you at the Zahn event in Feburary. Its a small world Tambo.
Take some small pieces with you to the hardware store and find a rivet that clears the other side about a 1/8 of an inch after the washer, you wont even notice it then. you could probubly even reverse it so the head of the rivet is on the inside and flush so you feel no lumps when you wear it.
Rivets are tricky. They have the tendency to tear since these suits are either styrene or ABS at best which is a good medium,but not for metal least not to last for years of wearing with those fasteners in them. Glue and industrial velcro or a good snap system (my preferred method) seem to stand up to the most punishing circumstances. I've had my snap system installed for a little over 4 years now and it goes on the same as it did the day I finished it and there isn't a hint of wear on the points of fastening.

Hope my advice helps shed some light. :D
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