Help/tip/advice - 1st wip ever


Jr Hunter
In order to get a better response here it might be a good idea to post everything from the thread at Mando Mercs instead of just a link.
You would also probably get a little more help if you posted this thread in the Expanded Universe Bounty Hunter portion of TDH
I'm not sure what exactly you have in mind for your end project but Mando Mercs gives a lot of room for customization. The flight suit that you have pictured should work for a custom Mando, I would remove the epaulets though. If using gauntlets with hoses like Boba or Jango you will need to make an outer short sleeve to go over the long sleeve. You will also need to make or buy a vest to attach the armor to.
I would recommend looking through the MandoMercs costume requirements Costume Requirements | Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club and Templates and Tutorials Costume Templates and Tutorials | Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club if you haven't already.
Best of luck
Hope this helps.
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