Helmet under $200?

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I'm relatively new here and I'm thinking of starting up the project soon. As the title says I'd like to get a helmet for under $200. What are your thoughts of a “mystery” style helmet in that price range. If you have one are you happy with it?

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Mystery helmet is a great helmet but be carefull as there are alot of recasts about which can be inferior quality.btw, welcome to the forum

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Its the most important "make or break" element of the costume really...:facepalm

I would seriously consider putting a good sized budget into the bucket right from the get go.;)


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You just missed my DP Deluxe casting....I've advertised it here and at RPF a few times for $185 shipped,came with ESB/ROTJ RF's,MQ-1 board,aluminum stock,T-Visor and was fully primed and ready for paint...I had over $200 into it....sorry you missed it:facepalm



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MS or BM. I got my MS in the price range your looking for and was very happy with it. There is a picture of the unfinished bucket under recent posts in the helmet area if you want to see what you get.