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I finally have everything together for a kit. As some of you already know I purchased the helmet molds from DCB and I am having a professional fiberglass company cast the pieces for me. I have also located all the other parts minus the hose that goes at the back of the neck. DCB included a 1/2 piece of wire loom and foam backer rod for that piece but I'm not sure I want to do the same thing. I haven't found a hose that I'm happy with yet.

Here are pics of my finished helmet as it came to me:





Here is the kit as I'm thinking of making it. I will assemble the binoculars and armature because I have a mold for making the bridge section connecting the two eye pieces. The only thing needed would be assembly, rub n buff, and weathering





Please PM me for more information. I don't check the boards everyday so please be patient with me if I don't respond immediately but I will get back to you as soon as possible :)


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Moncal your talent continues to amaze me. Great work, as soon as you have kits for sale, consider 1 sold. Right here. Funds are available immediately. If you have any Zam parts you are selling at present please PM me. I am desperately trying to help a friend put a Zam together for C4. It is proving difficult. Thanks and again AWESOME work.

Kay Dee

Wow, it looks amazing! Thanks so much for picking up the reigns with DCB's helmet design and doing a production run for us lidless Zams. And if DCB is lurking out there - thanks for letting MonCal be the new owner of the mold!

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Something worth noting is, my girlfriend had massive problems getting into this lid. I've taken loads of the inside and detached and moved the ear pieces outward lots. Re glassed it and attached them back. Fits ok now :)

Maybe one size doesn't fit all?

Also, I think the DCB is lop sided a little. It doesn't sit right. Again this could be her head size, so I apologise if I'm wrong.
Have a good look at it and you may agree or seek me out and shoot me from afar. I think it's a totally stunnig helmet and blew me away when I took it out of the box. Wish I had that much talent I can tell you


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I'm sorry gang! I never even thought about size problems. The helmet fits Kathy great as well as a couple other girls locally.

This casting has a bit of a lip on it that actually could / should be sanded down a little bit on the front and sides but the front to back measurement is about 7 7/8" if you trim the lip off in the front:


The side to side could be trimmed a little bit too if needed. It measures about 5 7/8" if the lips are trimmed:



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Well, I just measured my DCB helmet compared to that, and it looks exactly the same. I got mine to fit, though it took a lot of work and some padding inside as well. However, this one looks like you can work with it more and the back of the helmet, with the two "ledges" look more even to me as well.

I was wondering how you recommend we attach the earpieces and small greeblies? DCB had a pin system and glue.


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I will try to put together a tutorial as soon as I have time to assemble one of these helmets but I thought the little nails was a good idea for the squares on the back of the ears. That along with some epoxy would hold great. The ears on this kit have a better ledge for attaching than mine did. Epoxy will work fine or if you have the ability to run some fiberglass you could put a layer of that on the joint... although that wouldn't be necessary... just an option.

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Has anyone managed to successfully allow the helmet binoculars to be articulated, like they are in the film?

You see Zam look at Obi Wan and then she returns them to her head, but you don't see this close up. It's from a distance.

Has anyone managed to allow them move but still have them sit fairly tight on top of the helmet when not in use?