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Now that my Fett is almost done and I not sure what to do with my helmet when I travel. I need some sort of box to put just it in. Any suggestions? Also, does anybody know where I can get a box with wheels to put the rest of the armor in?

Hmmm... I would try a Target, K-Mart or WalMart in your area 1st. to save some $$$. You never know.
I am going to use one of those black trunks you see in these stores and add 'lined' compartments and try to mold them to fit the pieces so they don't bang around during transport.
I'm goin to give it a shot and will post pics of my progress should anyone want to do the same.
I really don't have an alternative right now as I am planning to move and need to package everything for transport.... otherwise I would really want a mannequin! :D

I'm contemplating that exact thing for travel to conventions and such. The way I look at it, I'm going to pack my jet pack, rifle, gauntlets and knee guards in a custom case, made from plywood and foam, covered in black vinyl with amplifier-style chrome box corners.

All the remaining parts will fit in a small duffle/gym bag.

As for the helmet, I'm searching for something that the helmet will fit in, yet still have room to pad the insides. Even better if I can find something with a handle on top. If that doesn't work, I will build a small box out of plywood, and cover it the same as the bigger box.

At the airport, I plan to check the other two items, and bring the helmet box/bag as carry-on.

One note, however. If at all possible, make sure your RF stalk is either collapsible or removable. Don't want that puppy breaking off by accident.

I'll keep watching this thread, because I'd also like to know what others are using...
This is more than likely cost prohibitive, but it caught my eye a couple weeks ago in a catalogue.

Not that I have a complete Fett costume.

Not that I am likely ever going to travel with it (but you never know) when I do.

But I when I saw it I thought it'd be great for travelling with Fett:

Really f$%&ing expensive wheeled trunk.

Looks like there would be room for a helmet and some other sundry items.

Check samsonite.com also - they might have something.

Travel thread.

Transporting thread.

Looks good and strong but it's very cost prohibitive as you said. $367.95 is extremely high :eek: and best left to those who really have money falling out of their pockets! :lol:
If it was cheaper I would definately look into it!
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b.fett wrote:

Looks good and strong but it's very cost prohibitive as you said. $367.95 is extremely high :eek: and best left to those who really have money falling out of their pockets! :lol:
If it was cheaper I would definately look into it!

No doubt! I could justify spending that on a jet pack; but I could never justify spending that kind of coin for a lousy trunk.

But I don't assume everyone is as cheap as I am, so I thought I'd post it. ;)

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There are two similar threads about this topic (if I'm not wrong), that talks about both the whole suit to travel, and one about the helmets (most likely, one of this threads is in the General Information section, and it's kind of a few months old...just look around.


I found something I think might work for the helmet box. While shopping at SuperTarget this weekend, I saw a plastic 'box' of dog food. It was a little bigger than my helmet, and even had a carrying handle. Box was blue and silver (for you Jango-heads). Not sure of the brand, I didn't stop long enough to check.

It might be possible to line the interior with foam padding.

I will try to post pics of this thing if and when I buy it. I just hope my dog likes this flavor...
I use an approximately 18"x18"x18" black nylon carry bag that I got years ago. It has handles on the top and a shoulder strap (helpful when carrying both my trunk full of armor and my jet pack). I trimmed a piece of Sintra to make a hard 'floor' in it and use throw pillows to line the sides and top. I just put the helmet in, slide the pillows in next, and zip it up. So far, so good.
That's a great idea as well. But what about the RF stalk? Do you take it off, leave it up, put it down....?

I don't wanna break that puppy off...
The bag is tall and wide enough that I can leave the RF up or down, but since I have a mercury switch in mine, I leave it up. I have an aluminum stalk, so I am not worried about it breaking or bending, plus I have a pillow on top to protect it in the event it gets bumped. I'll try and snap a picture of it later tonight.
Here's what I came up with. (BF, I'd still like to see that helmet bag of yours)

My dog will be eating this stuff for months to come.

Helmet fits nice in this way...

...and this way.

I have a DP Deluxe cast, so that might giver you an idea of the size. One inch of foam all the way around, and up to three on the bottom. I'm still concerned with the RF stalk, but I have an idea on that, I'll post later.
Same question here...which one is that? (brand of bag)

BF, do you have Bobo's lights in your helmet? I have (probably) the same helmet as Batninja and TK409 (actually same as TK409), a DP Deluxe recast. What I did with the antenna, was to take a normal DP RF, and took out the stalk and substituted with a Mardon's stalk (fiberglass)instead of the aluminum one, which is heavy.

It came with some promo sales materials I got a few years ago, so I didn't buy it and can't offer any clues as to where to find one. I'll check for a label/brand tonight.

::edit:: ...and yes, Robert, Bobo's lights are in the RF, although I am currently batteryless until I can find a U.S. source for them. :facepalm
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