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While I'm in a show and tell kind of mood (see helmet and armour threads posted yesterday), I present my ammo belt.

The pouches I made myself. I got some scraps of leather from a handmade shoe shop in Bristol (£10/$16), cut out the templates (based on the bradleyfett site and OJA tutorial, with adjusted measurements for a bit more accuracy), hand-stitched the detail stitching on the flaps (took ages - I measured and marked each hole for each stitch. Thay are all 3mm long!), then riveted together. The belt I had a local craftsman make me for £15/$24. Total cost, £25/$41. It's not 100% accurate (the pouches are about 1/2" too wide and the belt is 1 3/4" instead of 2") but the effect is pretty good. The pouches are functional, too! handy for a mobile (cell) phone, change or keys etc.

I cut the templates out for all of them about 3 days before the great flurry of activity on these a few months ago that culminated in Sith-Camaros great belts. I could have kicked myself! I was looking at the OJA and BradleyFett templates thinking they didn't look quite right, so adjusted them a bit, and cut them all out. In retrospect I should have taken much more time and got the proportions better, but I was all new and excited at the time. If I had taken more time, I would also have benefited from the great info that came from the brainstorming back then. I was so annoyed at the time I put them in a box and only got them out again a week or so ago and finished them off. Ah well.

LMK what you think. I know the dimensions are a little off. I'm pleased with the height and depth, but they need to be about 1/2" thinner from left to right, and the bevel at the top is all wrong. It starts diagonally from the back, whereas it needs to go along towards the front level for half way, then diagonally down. Also, I know there is supposed to be stitchin on the pouch as well as the flap.

I'll be doing myself another one soon, so I'll be noting any comments in addition to the points I mentioned above.

The belt is 1 3/4" tall so it fits the inaccurate pouches. When I re-do the pouches I'll get another belt made and sell what you see here as one lot. The belt is fastened with Velcro, but I got him to put on the leather cross so it looked a little more accurate.

Constructive criticisms welcome.

Here are the pics:



Thanks for looking!

Wow!!!! Even if its not totally accurate, it is a damn fine belt!!! I'll wager that your next one will be perfect! You shure have been busy lately!:lol:
WOW si thank looks realy good, blimey i wish i went down that route and made my own now, great work.

I realy like the stich work on the belt.(y)
IF your going to redo the ammo pouches let me know as ive got the templates somewhere and the side pockets also that hang off the belt.



uk-scout TB7290
Jango's kid - Yep, I've been a busy busy boy. There are a couple of events coming up really soon over here and I need to get the costume cleared by the UK Garrison before I can sign up for them. There's more to come!

Neil - Thanks mate. Are your ammo pouch templates fully accurate? I recall the Sith Camaro/Brak's Buddy et al brainstorming efforts produced what are the current definitive measurements. I was going to look them up on the old thread, but if your templates are based on those measurements, then it'll save me searching.

LMK either way.

I think I already have your soft pouch template.


That has to be the nicest inaccurate belt I have ever seen. :wacko Just playing with you. Totally great belt. The craftsmanship is so good that it outweighs the slightly off dimensions. You'll definatly nail the next one. Way to go.
I think it looks fantastic! To me, the most important part of the ammo belt is that the pouches look rounded across the belly when worn (and not blocky), and that the white stiching on each pouch is visible. This belt achieves both. Craftsmanship is top notch, especially the pouch stiching and the detail in the back. Could be more weathering, but who cares? That's an awesome ammo belt! Congrats!
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