got my murrow sun :)


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got my murrow sun in the mail today
this helmet is awesome
very heavy duty.
All most like a motorcycle helmet. :)
it will be a lot of work getting it painted and all but can't wait to start in on it.



Worth the wait and money.
isn't funny if you look at those pictures of a star wars item. How all of the background star wars items there are also. LOL R2-D2 phone, com. pic of my son as annikin, knee/shoulder paint. I also notice in other peoples pix that they usually have Star Wars stuff laying around in the background also.
I cut the key hole because I had a hairline crack running the length of the key slots. When I meticulously carved out the top key slot, the right hand side cracked lose. I contacted M_S and he being the superior Customer Service guy he is, he sent me a clean cast of the KS detail and gave me instructions as to how to carve out the old and replace it with the new. It looks flawless now. I have to admit though, M_S has gone way above and beyond as far as customer service goes. He has answered all questions I have had as well as told me where to get supplies to work on the helmet.
He is top notch in my book and I will always stand by my word that his helmets are top of the line.
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