...good bye TDH


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...with current events that have unfolded I am forced to make a stand and to say "good-bye" to the forum that I have been a part of for the past year and a half...I have made many good friends and I hope to keep in touch outside of TDH...you people have my contact info...please continue to use it...

...there is no reason to go into details just that IMHO there is a difference of opinion and as I said I am taking a stand for my beliefs...I am unable to debate the point with the mods so it is pointless to even try...

...perhaps some may think I am being rash or that I may be reacting out of anger...rest assured I am not...until things change it is pointless to remain an active member...

...again thank you to everyone that has helped me in making my costumes...MS, BKBT, pavespawn, JD, ruffkin, reione, tk409, and bobamaker...

...and to my friends...seeker, cenobyte, shockwave, andy, crazy4bobafett, gonzofett, dgasser, svoor, resilient, jack bauer, casus belli, dini, cruzer, slaveR5, ripcode, boba fetts, bountyshunted, dreadmel, E2K13, foxbatkllr, laan, prymer13, zxwing, shunned, slave1pilot, and postmortem01...

...if I forgot anyone I apologize...

Take care
Lewis :(


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Taking the high road bro is admirable and you’ve always had my endearing respect for that attitude.

You’ve always been a stand up guy and helping out a strange for no thought of yourself. There are a handful of people I can say that of I’ve met in my life, and I ‘m proud to know quite a few here on this forum like you Lewis.

Optimistically, this example made by Lewis in good faith is his and his alone; hopefully his beliefs and motives can be understood and respected mutually with no ill will or animosity.

Petty arguments, misleading, backstabbing backstage politics should never occur in a perfect world but it isn’t so in many cases, but we should all make the attempt to try and always be good people and leave the junior high mentality behind because it just isn’t worth being cross or bitter at people because there egos get in the way.

It is disillusioning and always disappointing to me when I hear good people squabble and bicker with each other over trivial differences.

This forum should always be a source of knowledge, ideas, and most important respect for each other as people.

I’m proud to call you my friend and I’m sorry to see you go, but I understand what your doing and I’m sure others understand this as well.

Talk to ya soon bro,



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Slavefive. I have read your posts. In some ways, we have all benefited from your posts. Thanks for being honest. We wish you the best and sorry things did not work. Maybe I can see you at a Con Sometime soon.



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same here, no idea what this is about, but bad to hear someone leave TDH in this way.

hope you come back one day.


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What the heck????? :confused Man Lewis... this sucks! :(

But you do what you need to do. Best of luck my friend! :)
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Hey bro,

You do what you need to do. I appreciate the friendship and the tips you have given to me. And to echo Andy, you give help with no thought of yourself. Always lending a hand when you can.

I will see you later man!

Art Andrews

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Sorry to see you leaving. I know we have had our differences, but like many others, I have come to respect you and your efforts. :(


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I can't thank you enough for your generosity and friendship. Sorry to see you go. I better see you at events!
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