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UPDATE 3-22-06 OH MY GOD!!!! it arrived!!! GONZO has her buckt!!

see pics below!!!!!!!

It is with great sadness that I make this post. As many of you know I painted GONZO FETTS new ESB bucket over the last 2 months. On thursday the 9th I mailed her bucket USPS priority mail. As of Today 12 days later she has not received it. I have been to the post office and at this point I must say it is LOST in the mail:cry :cry .....The post office told me that I can not file a insurance claim for 21 days so I will have to wait to make this claim.

The worst part about this is that GONZO has no bucket and all the time that she has waited and I spent painting is lost!!!

I will not go into all the details GONZO and I have worked out but at this point we believe a happy ending is around the corner.

I will soon be getting a NEW bucket for GONZO and a fresh paint job will be done!!!!

I will be posting some updates on her new bucket soon!!!

GONZO..thanks for your understanding!!!

by the way here is the missing bucket...if you or any of your friends see this MISSING BUCKET CALL THE POLICE!!!!!! LOL

here is the original thread on her bucket

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you know, it might just be taking that long. I have noticed that in the last several weeks (and I receive boxes on a daily basis from my company) things have taken nearly TWICE as long to get...I can't imagine what the USPS rate is...just keep an eye open. If Gonzo doesn't live next to a large metropolitan city, sometimes it takes much longer to dessiminate to the other smaller suburbs or cities.
Oh no :eek: That's horrible.. Hopefully it shows up.. I too have had some USPS packages take forever to arrive lately.. I even had one that was supposedly 'lost' show up two months later.. Of course the box looked like it had been used as a football and ripped to shreds.. Luckily the item inside was fine, but I always did wonder what it went through on it's way to me..

I hope it shows up.. and hopefully doesn't resemble my football box when it does..
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That really bites the big one! Some UPS manager is probably sporting it right now making his deliveries.What could Fett do for you!Hope that it comes safe to you all in the end! I'll go postal on that mofo.

Damn Im really sorry to hear this . .that just plain sucks. The pics of the helmet look fantastic and its a huge shame that all the time and effort put into such a nice paintjob has gone :cry

I am nervously awaiting delivery of a helmet from the states but Ive been tracking it using its tracking ID number and it really does give peace of mind. My biggest worry is opening the box to find its been totally wrecked due to bad handling. My bucket had been sitting at customs over the weekend so I am also expecting a hefty customs charge :(

I would always recommend people use tracking and insurance when sending and recieving items.

Hopefully it may turn up one day.
Seeing as how I'm the only one that saw this Bucket up close I thought I would chime in.
To date this is/WAS the best bucket that Darthmiller painted. He's come a long way with painting these things.
Like me you tend to get attached to these buckets once you start painting them, so getting lost in the mail is truely heartbreaking.:(
I know it's just a piece of Fiberglass, but in the end these things become works of art, and there is truely no amount of money for time and desire that is put into these things.

SO Gonzo.. as DMiller has stated it looks like we have found an alternative route to fix this.....I look foward to helping out on that one.;)

P.S....I stole your bucket and it will be on EBAY NEXT WEEK...:lol: ;) .

Best of Luck.
You gotta love the USPS. I can't tell you the amount of trouble we've had with them either in the office, or even at home. It's just goes to show you that even something we take for granted like mail can get all messed up!

Gonzo and DMiller, I sincerly hope the bucket is just delayed in transit and will arrive shortly. I know it is very difficult to wait for an item like this and delays make the wait even worse.

I just hope this is a case that it is delayed.

Please keep us updated!
oh no! perhaps there was some sort of problem with the address, and it will make its way back to you?

i ordered some part... i don't even remember what... and my address got messed up. so it took it about 2 weeks to make it back to the sender.
Thank you all for your kind words. I really do feel for DM in all of this. He put alot of sweat and tears into that work of art.
I just can't accept that the post office just up and lost it. I mean TK7602 I mailed you out that package w/ the beacon and it got to you no problem and that is from west to east coast.
I live only 30min from L.A. (california) .. 10min from the Ontario Airport. Granted Texas isn't a hop skip and a jump away, but neither DM's or my cities are bunkin' areas.
This along w/ all the other crap that has hit the fan this week isn't making this month one to remember.

Thank you DM, Spidey, and all the other good deed do'ers. I am beyond words in my graditude toward you all. :cheers
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