Sized Buckets?

Wicked Fett

Jr Hunter
Hi all I was wondering does anyone out there making Fett buckets size them?

As much as I love the Fett bucket it’s very big on little me lol.


Well-Known Hunter
Unfortunately that wouldn’t be very cost effective for the maker to custom size a helmet because they would have to make a separate mold for each size. There are some helmets that run a little smaller than others and that would be your best bet.

Wicked Fett

Jr Hunter
Many thanks, yes I do appreciate that but it’s a shame no one offers say 3 types of size.

Would surely open the Fett madness to more business. :(


The helmet is bigger than most people realize (often by a lot), but once it’s paired with the full set of armor, accessories, and jetpack the proportions tend to even out. By itself it can look a little weird on almost everyone.