NEEDED: Kid Sized Cut Out Mask


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I'm the coordinator for a Star Wars Party that the local childrens museum is hosting. They will have star wars activities for the kids to do. I thought it would be a cool idea to have Boba Fett there, but there isn't one in our neck of the woods. All kids like Boba Fett. Right?

So I thought that another fun activity for the kids would be to make their very own Fett costume. By using sticky back craft foam and WOF templates, they can cut and color their own armor. Then just peel off the backing and stick it to their shirt.

As for the bucket, I thought if I could get a black and white image that can be printed out on some cardstock. Just cut, color and attach a string...instant helmet. I think the kids would love that. What's better than getting you picture taken with Vader in your little boba fett costume.

So if anyone has or knows where I could get a black and white image of a Boba Fett mask let me know...Please.

Thanks a lot:)


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Yo I'm MC DEATH BEAR the person who made the stencil that Furiafelina posted. Did the event already happen yet!? I'd deffly help you in anyway if you need it!

ps: This forum is amazing!