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Hi All, I am attaching the piano hinge to my rufkin gauntlets... and was wondering what is the best glue to use. I don't want to add any rivets etc... I went to the hardware store, and the back of all the ones I looked at said not to use on polystrene or styrene products? I must admit I only read the back of all the 2 part and goop style glues.

any thoughts? what is best to use for this application?

I also did a search.. and did not come up with anything definitive (without using rivets etc)

Once glued I will be adding another piece of plastic over top to make kind of a clam shell for the piano hinge as I think that should be more that strong enough.

thanks for looking :)
2-part epoxy will give you the strongest bound. Make sure to sand or rough up the styrene, so the glue will have a better grip.
Ok thanks, I have some 30min stuff at home... so I think I will get some 5min stuff for this application.
Hey Kivas! I believe the WAL-MART Brand might be similar. But the brand that's try and true is "PLASTIC FUSION" and you can get it at Home Depot. This stuff dries rock soild in "5 minutes" or less and is damn near indestructable!!!(y)
Plastic Fusion is da bomb, and it HOLDS. Dont glue something with it that you want to remove later becase that suka aint coming loose!!
well... no plastic fusion at Home Depot here.. guy recommended Gorilla glue as water based ( won't affect the plastic) and says once glued will be a real..... to get apart. :)
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