Gifted Boba Maker Helmet Repair/Paint-Up


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ShortFuse (Justin),
I am so sorry for your loss. I know what it's like to lose a sibling (2 lost already) and can sympathize with that loss/pain you and your family are feeling. And yes, absolutely - project such as this are understandably put on hold. Take all the time you need. It's been said many times - this hobby is not a race.

Prayers to you and your family!



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After a hiatus, I decided to get off my butt and get back to it.

After repairing the damage on this helmet, it’s now time to add some. :p???
Since I’ll be eventually doing a ROTJ paint job on this one, I will be adding the specific physical damage. The last time I did this it was a real pain and I really didn’t enjoy it. In the end it does give it some really nice detail and was worth it. I decided to start with the mandibles.

This is how I did this last time. Others may have different methods, so if you have a better way please share because I’m always open for new ideas. First there are some really nice pics that rubio95 had taken of a ROTJ FPH2 for his review on here some years back. I saved some of those and resized them to a 1:1 size.

Here is one of them for example.

There are several pictures of this quality of all angles. I like that the helmet is unpainted because it makes it easier to see the damage detail.
Next I taped some tracing paper on my monitor and traced the damaged areas.


Along with RafalFett templates and some close up reference pics, this is the result…







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Nice start there ShortFuse !

As you know Boba Maker take tons of pride in the Helmets that he produces. In fact he goes on to mention on his website that....
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The VX has that surface damage. so if you need any close up's lemme know - But here is what I got from last year!
View attachment 217869
View attachment 217870
View attachment 217871
View attachment 217872
View attachment 217873
View attachment 217874

Thanks Matt. Those pics will help out as well. I may hit you up for some measurements.


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Sorry to hear about your loss of a family member.

Awesome work in repairing the cracks! I am working on a MF Boba Fresh helmet myself, and was recently working on addressing a fine crack near the visor. Luckily mine did not go all the way through the fiberglass, so i just used superglue and let it flow into the seams, followed by sanding.
I may want to drill some holes like you did to prevent the crack from going further.


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Thanks. I think drilling tiny holes at the ends will be a good idea. It’s more work of course, but it would be a shame to get it painted up and then the cracks show back up.
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