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i have been tring to find a good way to attach the bottom pieces to the top pieces and i just cant figure it out .do people used hinges or velcrow or should i just put them together perminantlly like with fiber glass or something ? please , help me dented helmet forums , your my only hope.
Well, I know I may not be the best answer but Hell... any ideas are good.

Mine are bolted and glued together under the side pieces so that they are not visible (hard to describe but under the flame thrower, its hollow so its easy to hide the bolts inside it). Then I used velcro to clamp it shut like the MoM Fett.
I have heard of all those ways to attach gauntlets. My first set I hinged the outside seam with canvas, and used velcro to attach the inner seam. It worked OK, but I think the bigger problem was that my gauntlets didn't fit right. My second set has a hinge on the inner seam (ala Jango) and the outside seam closes with magnets (and a little bit of velcro on the left gaunt/ the flamethrower is just too heavy for the magnets sometimes). I have also heard of a lacing system, and using picture hooks that go into tiny holes. I have also always wanted to try elastic. With the way elastic stretches, you would have to do overlapping strips and glue in the edges. All you would do to put them on is just slip them over your gloves, and you're ready to go! Good Luck.

I too have heard from people that the best way to attach them is to "hinge" the outsides and velcro the insides. I think its more accurate that way too...Some where around here theres a great thread on this...I plan on doing mine that way as well............ goodluck
Well, here's what I did but . . be warned it's not movie accurate.

Two part "steel" epoxy on the hinge side, and, leave it open on the other. This epoxy seems to have just enough spring to it that you can still open the gauntlets up enough to slip into but . . it's DAMN strong

So I just slathered the stuff on . . . not movie accurate but . . they ain't breakin', that's for sure! :)

I think mine is the easiest, 2 minute solution.

At Wal-mart go to the crafts section and buy two sets of velcro. One set needs to be adhesive backed, the other should be 'sew-on' or non-adhesive.

Take four long strips of the adhesive and apply two to the inside ledges of the top piece, and two to the inside ledges of the bottom. Now take two long non-adhesive strips and place them against the adhesive velcro on the seam. Walah, the adhesive strips attach to the gauntlet and the wide strip of non-adhesive holds the halves together.

I know exactly what I'm trying to say, but in case it didn't come out well and it's confusing, please let me know and I'll try to clear it up ;)

Mine have no seam at all. It's just bondo'd over and smoothed down, and it all looks like one piece. That was back in the day. It works very well if you have small enough hands. :)

Now, I would do the velcro thing. You can get the tiny hinges for the sides at Home Depot, if you want, too.
In my experience, hinges might be the best way. I epoxied mine together on one side, and have velcro on the other side so that they can close on my arm snugly. However, repeated flexing from putting them on and taking them off cracked and eventually completely broke the gauntlet in about 5 places (my calc pad rest was broken on three sides). I now have those places repaired and reinforced, but in my opinion it would be better to avoid those types of stresses if you can.
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