Quite Possibly the Most Insignificant Discovery Ever?

Eli Jinn

I was considering not even posting this but maybe y'all will get a kick out of it.
I noticed that in this famous pic of Jeremy with his helmet off, he's also missing his right gauntlet.
Dinner BTS.png

But I saw that the flightsuit sleeve looked a little funny, like it had an out of place shadow on it...
Dinner BTS.png

Seeing as the hip pouch directly next to it was significantly lighter though, I figured this must be weathering, but why would they weather the ends of the sleeves just for them to get covered by the gauntlets? And why was the weathering so dark in such a hard to reach area?
But then, I remembered seeing something in another famous photo...

Yup, the busted gauntlet reveals more dark weathering on the sleeve where nobody can see it. And if it's hard to see because of the lighting, here's a crystal clear black and white version.

I don't blame anyone if literally nobody adds this to their suit, because you'll actually never see it. Then again, we Fett-heads don't really care if nobody sees something we put blood, sweat, and tears into.
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