upgrading the old RotJ

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This display was last updated at the beginning of The Covid. I fixed the flight suit, the pose, the gauntlets, the ammo belt, the girth, and replaced the shoulders.


But the old 2008 FP fan sculpt armor and MoW gauntlets remained. It;s time to throw those out in the garbage and replace with the new lineage and photogrammetry armor and gauntlets by MinuteFett. I'll also replace the cape with a more accurate US army tent and the MoW vest with Clothears. For now, the ancient of days Loanstar flightsuit will remain.

The old FP armor vs the lineage/pg armor

I used 4 different rattle can colors as a base for the armor green and topped it off with a Floquil green

Silver and yellow were Floquil colors

Then shoulders and knees were all Floquil.


A blast from the past... this is the jetpack harness on my ROTJ display, the Mojo-Fett Version 1 harness made with Rob of RS Props (BFUK). It's in a category all its own for replica jetpack harnesses, only bested later by version 2.


Mojo-Fett made the best metal parts TDH has ever seen. Sadly these were only available for a short time.

The newly finished Rotj armor on a Clothears vest:

It's no secret the new photogrammetry gauntlets are on their way soon. If it was just a case of producing the shells, they probably be ready to go by now, but with the new shells comes the opportunity to take all the parts that come with them in the kit to the next level. And all those parts/greeblies are pretty intense. Most of which have never really had good replicas available prior to now, especially the flamethrower. And the flamethrower that's coming is going to be awesome.

So the last part of this final upgrade to my ROTJ display will be the new gauntlets. I've always had MoW gauntlets on this display from the beginning back in 2008. They are good replicas, but have some inaccuracies, especially the hinges, which is a fine idea for trooping but not needed at all for display. Anyway, very exciting times for Fett builders, as most the pieces necessary for a legit looking Fett are now all mostly in place for all of us, not just a select few, which I've always been against.

the new photogrammetry top shell in fiberglass next to the 2008 MoW:

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