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In reference to your photo's. Are these darts machined? Now I'm not knocking your darts or calling you a liar, but I used to work in a machine shop, and I can see just from the pics some odd things. One, is that they are not all identical. The tips are all different. If they were machined ( would have to be on a CNC, due to the cost you gave) they would be EXACTLY the same, as they are all lathed off the same master. TWO, I can see spots that resemple cast metal, or pot-metal, but if that was so they would be very fragile. So my only conclusion is that (from the photo's) they look to be metal rodding with cast or manually cut tips, made from a spft casting metal, like lead or pewter. Then again they could be various pieces soldered together, sanded down to a uniform finish. At any rate, they look good, just not good enough to be $25 machined pieces. Sorry
Has anyone tried to use the 'body' of any actual dart? I saw some at Walmart that, with a little work, could turn out quite nice. The part I'm talking about is the piece between the stabilizing fins and weighted dart head. It is machined aluminum in approximately the shape & size needed, threaded on one end & comes in a 4 pack. I think I'm going to try to further shape this in a drill as Fettcicle had suggested earlier.

I must have been smoking something that day. The dart shafts come in a THREE pack.
The best type of machine to run these are a CNC Swiss Automatic a type of lathe for small parts typically medical, aerospace and microtechnology stuff. These parts can be done in one operation and not at $25 a piece. A Swiss type can crank these out without a problem. It can run unmanned with a barfeeder until it is out of stock. Popular manufacturers of Swiss type would be Citizen or Nomura. I have direct connections to Nomura Sales in the US. I have had the drawings made for the Darts for quite awhile and have been working on the tooling costs and materials as of late. I was trying to tie the Darts in with the Adjusting Rods for the Anti-Security Blade shin tool. Anti-Security Blade rods are also ideal for a Swiss because of the cross-drilled holes. For cross-drilled holes, a conventional CNC lathe can't do it, so you would need a mill and an additional two setups to complete the part. All these things add to part price because of time and labor. When the appropriate type of machine is used price can come down. And I work for a company that makes CNC lathes and mills, however our smallest piece of equipment is still too big for this part. And I know it can be done quicker and cheaper on a Swiss. -Mark
i was at wal-mart looking into parts for my dremmel when i ran across a bit that looks pretty dam closeto a dart, painted them gold and they look great in my guantlet and the best part was they were only 4.00 each.

sorry no pics suit still under construction

I haven't bought any yet but i did see alot of bits that look similar. just look in the dremel section and make your own decision on which looks best. they ranged in price between $4-15 each.
If you dont want to spend alot of money i still say the dremmel points at your local wal-mart work great, and there is alot of differant styles to choose from and they go for .89 cents to 3 bucks depending on what you want.

Does anyone have the length or any of the dimensions for the gauntlet darts. I MIGHT be able to do something for them, but I'd like to make an accurate blueprint first. I can figure out the rest if I can just get one accurate dimension--length or width of something.
Gauntlet Darts...

Great news for me and maybe some of you too. A friend of mine said he will make some metal darts while he's at work. I told him I might need quite a few, which he said wouldnt be a problem. I don't know how he's making them (if you can't tell from my posts i'm ignorant of all things costuming). Anyway, I need a great reference pic. I don't think I'll be paying for anything, so I'll do what I can at getting a couple of extra sets made. He just needs something to go on. So send me a pic or if anyone has an extra dart you can send as a reference let me know.
I can send you one from the ref. CD if no one else hasn't aready :) If he is going to "make" them,I'm hoping they are machined aluminum.
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I don't know how he's making them or what he's making them from. He said he has the equipment to do them at his place of employment. He just wanted one as a reference. I thought about doing the pen thing on Obi Wans site but I don't think its accurate enough. Anyway, i'm going to forward the pics to him and see what he says. wish me luck.
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I just lathed a dart pattern out of wood tonight, and it's not perfect, but I am going to cast it in light casting metal for my set of 4 (waiting on the metal and new RTV to get here). I started with a 1/8" dia hard wood dowel as the bast of the dart. Looks pretty close to me. I'll post pics of the set when they're done.

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I've been searching for a metal alternative to pen tips for quite some time. There are plenty of reference shots on the CD, so hopefully someone can finally nail this project.
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I talked to the guy today and he said when he has time at work he will attemp to make them. Said he has alot of aluminum laying around and he has no intentions of charging me for anything since it will be done at work with their scrap aluminum (am i spelling that right?) I'll post more as it goes. I don't have a scanner so i will send a dart to someone (probably Spidey since he's close) so he can scan and rate them for you guys looking for accurate darts. I'll just be happy to get something on the gauntlets personally, being as movie accurate is not what I'm trying for as of now.
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I have pics of the finished darts if someone will post them for me. Seeker and Impervium both have pics (maybe one of you guys will post them?). I think they look great, want the rest of you guys to see them.
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Well lets see them darts!! Hope some one will post them for you. Please let me know if you have an extra set available, would be much appreciated! 8)
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I asked this once before but, what length should the gauntlet darts be? I'm going to get the guys in my toolroom to make up some sets, but, until I get a dimension, I can't have them do them up.

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Update on the darts: first of all, I have asked enough members to post pics for me that sooner or later you will all be able to see them. Next, these are being done for me as a favor and I do not intend to sell them. I do, however, intend to trade for some smaller parts that I am still missing. The guy who is making them has recently bought a house and is getting married next month so he will be busy for a while. I have a list of those that have asked to be put on a list and I will do my best to help you out. There is no timeline and I will let you know (individually) when I have another set available. I do have a question though. Has anyone tried to make a fiberglass set? I was just thinking that if someone can help me, maybe we can make some temporary sets until I get more. Just an idea, let me know what you think.
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The shape is right, but they are way too long. Using the Ref CD, it looks to me that the darts should only be about one inch long (including the portion that will be sunk into the gauntlet itself). Brak's or BobaPhett would probably be the best ones to get an accurate measurement from.
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Dude, that's too cool.

Measurements........ Bobafettish ... Damn Close :)

The plateau of the gauntlet right below the darts (or better said, the plateau that they rest on) is approx. 4.7 CM wide.
This data, gathered from research I have been concentrating on lately. It's based on the right gauntlet I just made. It's at least 96-98 % accurate (in SIZE that is) as far as we can tell so far(it's huge). Maybe more. I won't know for sure, until there is an oppertunity to compare it to an exhibit. But even then, it will always be off, unless you could hold the real thing and measure it.

But anyway, enough rambling. I came up with this ...

Dart Length - (Approximation Only) 1.8 CM or 13/16 ...

from the tip of the dart head, to where it sinks into the gauntlet. How much is actually sunk into the gaunt, who knows. Who cares :lol: if we get that anal, we'd better seek counseling :lol: As long as there is enough to hold it secure in the gaunt ( say 1/4 inch or less) life would be good.

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