Gauntlet and Knee scratchbuild help


New Hunter
I'm working on a scratch built ESB Boba Fett costume- my first- using WizardofFlights templates. I've been able to put most of the armor together without a sweat, using Sintra, but I'm having some trouble figuring out how the gauntlets and knees are supposed to be assembled- the templates are a little confusing on this point. I've got the knees shaped except for the sides where the darts are attached, and haven't yet started on the gauntlets.
I haven't been able to find any tutorials on this- can anyone help?


Jr Hunter
Hey Regolith

I also made my knee armour with sintra and WOF templates.

I added the side dart attachments as one piece to the sides. I glued 10mm Sinatra together to make a block and shaped. Then smoothed the facing edge (where the darts go) and the rear with epoxy putty. I haven't got many pictures from that stage. Hope this helps...

This is before I added epoxy putty, you can see the shaped blocks attached to the sides.

I tried the gauntlets but failed, let us know how you get on with that! Take lots of pictures


I scratched built everything, for the gauntlets I suggest you build from card stock first. Get an idea of how pieces fit. There are some gaps or pieces missing from the templates so once you build from card stock its easy to see where they are. Then move on to Sintra but don't forget to consider the differences in material thicknesses, some pieces may need to be bigger while others slightly smaller.