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Howdy all!

Most of you know, I don't like to post looking to make a sale ... I'm pretty much a no-pressure kind of salesperson. However, I've had 3 or 4 people ask about getting a set of my chest lights, and have run into two problems:

1) I'm out of circuit boards.
2) One of the parts I use in my design is now obsolete. I can get some still, but they cost me more thabn twice as much as I used to pay, and a suitable replacement hasn't turned-up yet (otherwise, I'd re-design my circuit to accomodate it).

So, with that said, I'm looking to see how many people are interested in purchasing a set of chest lights in the near future. I'm only looking for those with a serious interest, as I can't afford to front too much money and have parts sitting in the garage right now. As I said, my parts cost has gone up a bit; however, I'm looking at selling these at the existing price, $80 + shipping. This is the same circuit I've been selling for about 6 years now, and with my current situation in acquiring parts, it may be time to wrap it up.

So, if anyone is interested in buying a chest light set within the next month or so, e-mail me and I'll add you to the list. If you have any questions, feel free to post here or e-mail me off-board.


What are the dimensions of your lights? I'm sure it's been brought up before, but different armor makers have slightly different slot measurements.
Just wanted to know if these lights would be compatible with my armor.
I don't have chest armor (or a set of lights) handy ... could one of you with my lights post up some dimensions, please?



the top is the shackman set, the bottom the tk409. my gear is packed away at the moment so i can't measure it, but the mouse should at least provide a sense of scale.

the numbers are slightly bigger than the tk409 one. i'd have to cut an extra 1/16th or so around the edge of that slot to make them all line up right. i still haven't done that, but it still looks fine... i just lose a teeny bit of 1 number.

i love mine. the 2 part design of the board makes it easier to install without pushing out the armor at an odd angle.

also note that i modified mine a bit... i extended the battery wires by about 14", so that i could have the battery in one of my belt pouches.
I already have a set, but I am seriously tempted on getting one just for the thought that you might be stopping all together.
hey Shackman

i'm seriously interested. just have a simple red light in my chest armour at the moment. It is the one detail that I really want for my suit.

Thanks for the interest guys! Again, I'm not looking to push sales, just want it known that my parts are getting harder to source, so I'm looking to do a bulk order (and since I'm out of circuit boards, this all falls in together as a possible last run ... or at least long time between waits).

I'll keep the list going through Monday or Tuesday, and will count up reuired parts then.

Thanks again to all,

I'm very interested as well. Just wondering, does anyone have a video clip of these actually working. Would just like to see them in action. Thanks.
**Edit- PM sent**
Is it to late to be added to the list?
I would like to get one of them if possible.
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