Free Girth belt strands


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sorry mate,I was offering original pieces of the cut down girth belts,for samples for ppl to match the colour and type of material,but no-one seemed interested............I thought ppl might compare dyeing to the real colouring of the strands.Just seems like a shame to toss out the pieces as I'm sure this the real girth used in the SW films.These belts were stored for over 30 years in a warehouse,and they were a lucky find as we were looking for other items at the time.Dad was buying canvas to make a sailing ship set for a childrens tv pilot,and found the belts in a dusty old corner of the ware house.Since then,I have tried to locate the original maker,but no luck so far.We bought these belts nearly 4 years ago,and thought that they were a commonly found item.Now we know that is not the case.
There are guys who think that the esb and rotj belts are a different colour,but if you look at the comparison photos I posted,you can see this is not true.
I know,I know,I'm probably going to get my head kicked over this,but I truly believe I have the original belt type here.I have only 3 left,and I'm keeping those,as I know know how rare they are.
Please understand,neither I nor my Dad,who was a member here,are trying to
grandstand or be heroes here,but some debates can get very nasty on TDH.
The offer of the real strand samples was a genuine offer to makers of their own belts to match the colour of the original material,no more,no less.
E2K makes great belts,but keeping his dye mix a secret(as he should),but for others who like to DIY,I thought having an original piece to compare,you'd get a better,more authentic look for your homemade belt.
For photos of the strands that were cut fron an original belt,go here........

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