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I am VERY excited and proud to relay this news to you but first off I must make it very clear that this WAS NOT my discovery. Although I did do some post-discovery leg work ALL the credit for this find goes to Oscar Habraeken (Kapitein Iglo)!!!

As most of you know there are two momentary switches (which are the laser firing mechanisms) on the laser housing of Fett's left gauntlet. If you didn't know about them, here is a pic with the switches circled:


Most of the people I know are using RadioShack part #275-1547 for their switches. I bought a set of these myself but was fairly unhappy with them because the stem just below the button is VERY narrow and doesn't look right at all! Also the nut which holds the switch in place is HUGE!

Kapitein Iglo recently emailed me to tell me he had found two switches in a piece of electronics that looked VERY similar to those found on Fett's gauntlet! The switches were made in the UK and had the company name "Rendar" stamped on them. With a bit of research I discovered that Rendar was hooked up with Schurter Inc, who make electro-mechanical components. I contacted one of their reps and sent a pic of Kapitein Iglo's switches, asking if he, the rep, could identify them. To make a LONG story short(er) he finally was able to identify them as Schurter part number 1301.9536. The problem was that Schurter will not sell these pieces in less than a box of 500 and they are approx $2.50 each!!! The OTHER problem was that these switches are being phased out at the end of THIS YEAR!!! With much begging and pleading I convinced the rep to send me two "samples" ;) which just arrived Friday! Below are comparison pics of what I received compared to the more readily available parts from RadioShack.


and here are pics of the original switches from MoM!



I think it is fairly obvious that KI has nailed it or at the very least found something very, VERY close!!! The best part is that Kapitein Iglo has now found a distributor ( who is willing to sell these pieces to us in single units!!!
17th May

Attention. I don't know if anyone want's to connect the switches but the selected switch is an NO switch.
This means that when the button is pushed, he will break the contact. If you want to use the button, for a laser diode or whatever, you will need a NO switch, it will make contact when pushed.

Here is the Farnell page :

The switch is more expensive $3.00 USD instead of $2.50.
If you want to change let me know.

Here is my email:

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