Finished painting my MSH! Only RF left (UPDATE 5-pics!)


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I've finally started to paint my new MS helmet. Starting first with the main shell. The red on the mandibles is too bright, so i will have to tone it down. Again i used Gouache colours for this and a silver pen for the silvery scratches. Everything is applied with a flat medium brush. Well, long way to go, but a start anyway:) What do you all think?
Did i managed to get the green right? I'll paint the red darker soon.





Here's a link to see my older DP96:
" TARGET="_blank">

Will post my progress pics here until i'm done..
I hate you.

You make me feel like a chump!


Sweet lookin' paintjob dude!!!!!
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Hey! I got the Arturo-amazed face :D Yohoo!
Thanks, guys:)
The silvery scratches looks too shiny i see that now. I will mist and weather it more as i go along so they will fade a bit. Important thing right now is to try and place all the battledamages in the right places. I really enjoy painting the helmet and i look forward getting it done:) I have the
aluminium rangefinder stalk, hardhat liner and decals ready to add!

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Don't worry about the shiney scratches just keep going and finish the helmet and get back to them might be surprised how much they dull with handling etc.

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Micke, your work astounds me! Your previous helmet was absolutely amazing and now this one is incredible!!

Colors are very nice, and I love the silver scatches! (What silver pen did you use?) Just do what RS said and keep painting cuz the scratches will get dull eventually through handling, and besides..they looks kewl! :D

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The green looks great to me Mikael :)

I'm using a burnt rusty red color for my helmet and I'm very pleased with it. I don't know if you can find anything like it where you are.

The helmet looks awesome. Is the silver pen one of those that has a hard tip that you press down on, pushing it into the shaft to soak up paint, then release and apply? Sounds like it, I was wondering just the other day about those.

Awesome helmet :)
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Thanks Rogue's! Glad to hear that. You inspired me:)

Yes they will probably fade during the the process. I'll will wait until I'm totally done and see, thanks!

Bobo: Thanks! I try to correct the mistakes i did last time.
It was painted alot more roughly than this one.

Jorneymanprotector: Phew.. i'm glad to hear that. I got so blind when mixing the paint. Dark outside, with only the kitchen lights on. This green looks different all the time :/ . I will just try to paint the red with a little more brown to it. I photographed the helmet with a flash and
it looked neon red(!!) Thanks, man:)

Yup. I believe its' the same pen we're talking about here..
I used a thick, pretty blunt one and 1 thinner for smaller detail. Very easy, just draw it on. I traced the scratches
first with a pencil.
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those pens do kick ass. I have the same exact one, I didnt use it that much on my helmet cuz i had already weathered and it and the silver pen didnt match the dull chrome and gun metal weathering.

So let me get this straight, u painted this with a brush? Cuz i painted my helmet with spray cans and I tape over areas so they wouldnt get painted on.

But your helmet...:love
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Wow micke! Thats lookin mighty dang impressive to me! You shure have an eye for detail! The colors all look really good to me man. Your weathering looks like a spot-on match. By the way, I was cruisin through the artwork section recently, and was very impressed w the work you have there as well. keep up that wonderfull work. :)
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Would this be the silver pen you guys are talking about? It's also one of those push button ones:


Bobo :D
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Thanks again, guys!
msquared:Yes, it's painted with a brush, except the scratches(with the silver pen).

Jango's kid: Thank yopu for the compliments:) You can see more artwork here:

Bobo: Yes, looks very simillar. It probably works the same way and is equally good! I believe the brand of my pen is "Pilot".

More updates soon!
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micke: What color did you use for the back of the helmet? I'm thinking about repaint my movie size bucket (but just the back) for accuracy. Any suggestion?

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