Finished painting my MSH! Only RF left (UPDATE 5-pics!)

It is looking just awesome! You're inspiring me to find some time and finish mine!!!

I really like what you've done w/ that silver paint pen, dang that is too cool! Never thought of that...

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Keep up the good work. I like how it's looking.

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Micke, awesome job! Can't wait to start on mine...waitaminute, I haven't got it yet...LOL!
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Thanks guys! I appreciate it:)
Here's probably the last update before i post the finished one. Only the dome and ears and RF left:
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If we keep seein helmet's like yours and Lee's everyone will want to have an awesome bucket. (like we dont already)
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Finished painting the helmet. RF left (UPDATE 5-pics!)

I only have the RF left now! So far i'm pretty happy with it.
I also will have to screw the visor in.
Here's a couple of new shots:


Thanks to Natty15, Bobo, RA and Mardon for providing me with helmet, lights alumnium stalk and RF and also thanks to Rogue studio and Tyler D. for helpful tips & inspiration! It's been great to work on this bucket:)

Thanks, guys:)I appreciate it!

Lee: I'm never gonna paint a ESB helmet again..NEVER. Period!
But, I'm doing a PRE-PRO v.02 now(with the eyes)and I'm gonna do a PRE-PRO v.01, a ROTJ + the Albino helmet.
Gotta have some variation, he he..

Man I am in awe (& drooling!). That is one nice bucket.. hands down! (y)

You have got me contemplating on getting a MSH one day! :D

Post-Esb paintjob syndrome! Sad, but true!

Fantastic work, Mikael! I really have to commend you, since you didn't have the floquil paints at your disposal, and you color matched by eye, custom mixing.

I'm really looking forward to your Pre-Pro helmets!!

micke wrote:

Thanks, guys:)I appreciate it!
Lee: I'm never gonna paint a ESB helmet again..NEVER. Period!
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