Finally put some more work into it


Well after setting it aside for a while i put some more work into my Rubies bucket, I did the whole boiling water over a sink thing to reshape my dome and did a couple of washes with black and grey, then misted it with more black. let me know what all of u think of it so far, suggestions and comments please Now that i look at pics of how the Rubies first looks out of the box, man ive come a long way, thanks for all of your help.

here it was when i first started to paint it.

now here it is after i have reshaped it and added more weathering
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Thanks for the comments guys anybody see anything i can do to improve it?

My GF says i should go over the silver weathering once again with a Sharpie paint pen. Cause when i was doing the misting black spots got on the silver. Imo the black spots on the silver actually give it that "been around the galaxy" look ya know what im saying?

Oh and if possible Could any of u guys post ur Reworked RUBIES pics here so that i can get a good idea just how many of us are working hard to make our RUBIES look good?

The reason im standing behind my RUBIES so firmly is because of the size factor, any other helmet would be too large for my noggin.
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