Filling the EFX gap

Boba Fret

Thanks to inspiration from Lemorseaplumes, I too decided to use wood paste to fill in the gap in the EFX PCR helmet. I opted to go with a colored wood filler, one that was supposed to work with gray stained wood. It was this:

Here’s the stupid gap:

And here it is filled:




I’m trying to decide if it’s worth painting up to hide it some more, or grabbing a brown colored version of the wood paste to simulate a bit of rust/weathering. I’m also considering doing a black wash, although I don’t really know how to do that yet.

I’m not going for crazy accuracy at this point. I’m getting another helmet commissioned that will be way more accurate, so this one will end up being a rainy day, beater helmet.

Anyway, just wanted to share that this was a pretty easy enough mod, for someone like me who’s not crafty or artistic in any way. Well worth the minimal effort and cost.
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