Fett shoes part deux

Jango Wes

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Didn't Lugz or Skechers or some company put out a shoe that looked like Bobas? I know I remember reading that somewhere and seeing a picture on it. Or am I just imagining it?

Are you thinking of the Jango boots?

I'm not up on my Jango costume components, but I believe that the Jango boots were some type of off-the-shelf boot, that is (of course) nearly impossible to find today.

Mirax...oh Mirax? Where for art thou, oh fair and wise Jango sage? :)
The Jango boots were Kenneth Cole pit crew boots.
I thought that Lugz or skechers made a shoe that looked like Boba's. They weren't actual Boba Fett shoes, but rather look alikes. After reading the threads about MC stopping his run on Boba shoes, this memory of the ad for these shoes popped in my head. Trying to help fill the void left by MC.
Yea I just checked the Lugz website they do make a shoe that is similar. It is in their sports line, and it is called chill. But they don't make the right color and they arn't all that great.The toe is about the only thing that looks right.
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