Female chest armor interest

Synnr Falco

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I've been watching this thread for over a year with no progress. Sign up on the forums at http://www.mandalorianmercs.com in the Trading Station there are a couple of people providing femme plates in metal or fiberglass. I really like Rotton's work and will buy when he gets around to producing again, but I bought elsewhere for the time being.


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Only have enough set aside for one set, and these are supposed to be coming. Just lost my job due to economy, and can't afford to buy two sets right now.


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@$$*#&*@#!!! Oh well, maybe this is a lost cause. Not sure. Maybe one day he will contact us. Til then, I guess I'll have to start looking elsewhere.


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wow, these are fantastic, especially since i have been looking for something like this for a few months. (obviously wasnt looking in the correct places) So is this an on-going thing? Im a D cup, so I have had problems getting hard armor to fit thats been clearly made for a much smaller size, eg some of the femtrooper armor around the traps.

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Please stop necrothreading, this is a DEAD thread. If you want, look at post #113 (mine) scroll up to the one with the number #113 in the little read band on the top right. Your post was #148 and this post is #149, so scroll up.

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Does anyone know how to contact rotton outside of the boards? since he hasn't been around here since march sending him a pm might not be the best idea.

i know this is a sweet necropost but i figured a new post would be extraneous.