Female chest armor interest


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Hope you're not in a hurry. Rotton is one of the many folks in this hobby with a lot of Real-Life™ distraction right now. No way to know when he might get through all of us sitting here with puppy-dog eyes.

From what Rotton's said, the smaller of the two sizes he's working on will fit a B-cup after the cloth layers under the armour are taken into consideration.

Plus, if you're going for a metal effect under the paint, you might want to try the same thing I use (third item down).

I'll bump it too just to say I'm still interested as well.

I certainly understand about real life being in the way, I'm getting made a week from today.


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pretty sure these come in the standard size that the mold was done in, which im guessing by the comments is about a large D


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well in the mean time, you could do this:



I know! I'm a big jerk! Well I am now finally getting back to this life! the smaller sculpt is done (has been), just trying to find a supplier of the ABS I want, and find some time. The problem with that mannequin idea, I found, is that is a weird cup size, kinda pointy, not too actual size for most frames, and when you cut out your pieces, you have only so much play. Most of those are pretty small. In fact, that was my first idea, and I got a few, cut em up, but they never really fit real well, which started the whole sculpt my own process! I apologize for the out of action I have been in.