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I will definately be going to farpoint. http://www.farpointcon.com It will happen Valentine's weekend February 2005 before C3 I have been trying to rally people to go, so that we can ask certain celebs to go. We are waiting on the farpoint committee give us an "ok to ask celebs". Many sw fan groups are already going, and I need you to vote your opinion in this thread:


I have been totally thinking about actually having a How to do XYZ of Zam Costuming Panel there... any takers?
I am so excited, Leeanna's agent replied to an email I wrote. They will be talking about her possible appearance for farpoint and get back to me.

hopefully this will come true, and I get to meet her...

Leeanna says Hi
Thanks SithCamaro!!
Whatcha talking about not likely, wrong side 'o the country? Baltimore is awesome, and so is Farpoint, that's where I won so many medals at the Masquerade. People are dyin' to see her there, especially after our 501st performance on stage last year. And, her agent will talk to her. He just emailed me again today about it. Farpoint is gonna be a pre-c3 blast off. It will have some other sci fi guests too. And, I was hoping to talk to her about a possible panel discussion, and ask her questions on stage. It would SOOOO rock. ;) I can't divulge any other info because I would be shot in the neck :lol: I can't think of a better way party hardy than to ask Leeanna to come to this bash before C3. I mean, heck, why wait for just C3? That may be our costuming goal, but heck why not have fun before it?
Hey, she's from aussie, so anytime we get her in the States, we'd be lucky to have her period.
I am actually thinking about giving a panel- no holds bard on ALL zam costuming info at Farpoint, this will also help all non-zammers too, due to the principles used are the same across many other costumes. All my stuff will be there, my sculpting, molding and casting methods, my leather work methods, my use of plastics, much like how seeker did his for Dragon Con, only, I won't use my heat gun :D, and other stuff ;) It's all to help anyone who wants to find out first hand how my hubby, I, and many others on this board helped to make everything, but all in one presentation. This is all to help yall make all your suits before C3 and also a "thank you" to all of you that have been so awesome to me. So many people rooted for me to finish by Dragon Con 2003, and well, the pressure was on, and well, since you guys helped me out, I am giving you back the pressure ;) poke poke... hope you guys can make it ;) Besides, I still have upgrades to do... so giddyup! move em out! naughahide? :D
Darn... I wish I could make it! :(

I'd love to see your presentation - and I'm sure you'll do an awesome job! Is there any way you can record it for us Zammer's that can be with you in spirit only?
I would have to think about who I could have film it. It all depends on if Leeanna is going to show up. If she does, then I will do it. I am talking with the Farpoint coordinators about it via email, we'll see.
Hello everyone!

I am one of Farpoint's co-chairs and I was directed to this board by a couple of fans who told me that potential Farpoint guests were being discussed.

We always listen to fan requests for actors and programming. Having fans who are involved and interested in helping create a fun convention is what Farpoint is about, and we thank you for your ideas. And this is not only the fans in our audience, but the fans who are the organizing committee. Unfortunately, the timing of when we get these ideas and when we are able to act on them hardly ever match up. Discussion and panel ideas are things we have more flexibility on and can usually stage fairly quickly. Actor requests are a totally different aspect of the convention organizing experience.

Getting an actor guest is not always an easy prospect. Being a science fiction media convention, for every one actor we book, you can bet that we have received at least 12 other requests from fans of every movie and show out there, past and present. So, how do we decide which actors to bring? It comes down to 3 things: money, interest and availability.

1. Availability - actors are not always available when we first invite them. Even if they accept at first, they have the option to back out of they get an acting job. It can also be difficult to find the proper representative to discuss an appearance with. Many actors have separate "people" who handle public appearances which is different from their theatrical agent.

2. Interest - this item goes both ways. Actors have to be interested in making an appearance, and fans have to be interested enough to want to come. There are quite a few regularly requested actors who are simply not interested in convention appearances. The nice thing regarding fan interest is that Farpoint has a regular base of fans who come every year. They come not only for the actors, but all the other programs we stage: live theatre, Masquerade, workshops, discussions, art show, gaming, books etc. Our program schedule offers activities touching on the many interests of science fiction fandom. There will be quite a few Star Wars-related activities on the schedule this year in recognition of the huge fan interest in the upcoming episode 3 release.

3. Money - here's the biggie. The biggest name actors on the convention circuit receive upwards of $25K-$30K for a single weekend appearance and are simply out of our budget. Raising membership rates is an option to pay for these higher priced guests. We asked the fans at one of the open meetings we hold on Sunday afternoon at Farpoint about raising rates to pay for bigger names. The fans present told us that there is a specific point where they would not be able to pay to come, even if we had the ultimate big name actor. The majority preferred that we do our best to keep our membership rates down. While none of us on the organizing committee gets paid, Farpoint and every other fan-run convention is a BUSINESS in every other aspect. We have to make enough money to pay our bills. To ensure that, we have a budget and stick to it. Doing otherwise is financial suicide. All of our profits are put toward the next convention. If we make a higher than expected profit one year, we are able to expand appearance budgets in the next year. On the flip side, if we don't make enough money to pay our bills, there won't be a Farpoint convention to invite guests to the next year.

Now, this board has had a lively discussion on the merits of bringing Ms. Leanna Walsman to Farpoint in 2005. The timing of this idea makes it impossible for us budget-wise. We start booking guests for the next convention immediately after the previous one. We negotiate with one guest at a time, and book as many as we can afford. Our appearance fee money is either spent or committed by mid-summer. If booking an extra actor involved only a small budget overrun, it might be considered, especially if the actor is much-requested. Our 2005 budget for appearance fees is committed. Booking any other actor would involve a large overrun, especially one like Ms. Walsman who would have to be flown from overseas. If the idea for an appearance by Ms. Walsman had come in to us in April or May, we might have been able to work it. Coming in to us in the late summer/early fall makes it just too late for us to consider for 2005.

Ideas have been floated to us off this list for various ways to pay for this appearance, including corporate sponsorships and merchandising. Number 1 on this topic - almost every idea we have received is one that has either been tried before and failed; tried and gave us just a little money; or it was considered and rejected for being too risky. Several of our committee members have been with us since the days of ClipperCon and OktoberTrek - what may be a new idea to someone has usually been tried before and our committee members with 30+ years of convention experience are a great source of knowledge in this area.

Number 2 - the particular ideas in this instance have no guarantee of providing the multiple thousands of dollars that would be required. We have to be comfortable that the proceeds from any effort will pay our expenses. And note I said "We" - after all, it's going to be Farpoint's name on that contract and we're the ones ultimately responsible for making that payment.

Number 3 - Farpoint is a fan-run convention. Adding corporate sponsorship is not a direction we wish to move into. Not to mention that even if we did make such a decision in the future, we would have to make those arrangements on our own behalf. Would you sign onto a deal, especially one involving money, that you didn't make your own arrangements for?

I hope this explains some of the behind the scenes work and considerations that go into staging a convention. Thanks again to the fans who care enough to want to make Farpoint a great convention for everyone.

Sharon Van Blarcom, Farpoint co-chair
Wow, 2 outta 3 ain't bad on my part. Hey yall, I TRIED to get Leeanna for yas :D And, hey, we got Shannon there! Wohoo SW costumers rockin da house! This will be an even better con than last year! Does a little :zam dance. That is so awesome. Last year was a hard year to top... After all your hard work on THE Zam suit :D We won 3 medals at Farpoint with all your imput! And, I got a medal at Dragon Con last year. I guess I will have to settle on lotsa 501st partying. :D Hope to see ya there.

Iycis, pm sent!
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