ESB repair pics needed


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As the title says i am in need of some detailed pics of the repair on the ESB bucket (the one from the top left hand side of the visor). I remember seeing some really good pics of this before but now can't find any :confused

have tried the search function but can't find what i am looking for.

BTW please no jokes in relation to my other thread posted today, i am still emotionally hurt by that experience ;)
I'm trying to find where I put my Ref CD! As soon as I do I'll have a look for you. I thought I had some on my hard drive but must have been mistaken. I can always take some pics of the repair I did on my bucket?
Heres a close up of the AOSW ESB Ive just cut and pasted the repair, hope it helps, I hope Braks doesnt mind my putting this here (y)

Thanks Dan. Just a little question (when don't i have one :lol: ), what did you use to colour in the crack? Is it just yellow paint?
I used some yellow and some orange. I applied each with a cocktail stick then smudged it with my finger and a cotton bud. Gives a pretty good effect.

Also try rubbing some thinner(white spirit) into the paint as well as it strips the colour which I have found to be good for weathering. ONly use a small amount though!
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