ESB (DVH) helmet paint up

Got a DVH helmet in a few days ago and decided to jump on this with the plan to get it finished by the first week of October.. with a million other things in mind right now, this will take some time to complete so please bear with me ;)

First I sprayed the full helmet with valspar “chrome”, and clear coated with Alclad klear kote, which is the same clear coat I use for Molotow and other silver paints as it does not dull the shine from the color.

Next, I sprayed and clear coated the ears with the same process as the helmet. Then proceeded to mask off the damage, and paint with the appropriate blue/gray Humbrol 79.

Then mixed a 1:3 mix of Humbrol 154 (yellow) : Humbrol 93 (tan) and sprayed down the rangefinder ear parts with that custom color mix. The raw “metal” sections are done with Molotow and clear coated.
Apologize for the lack of updates.. got Married yesterday and we just got to the honeymoon suite, so no more updates till next week! Worked on the back panels this week. Will layer the concrete, the silver, and the main green. Then will do topical paint for the grays and white.
Hey! Back from the honeymoon and did my MEPS physicals the last two days so I am home now and can get some more done on this. The main green was added, and while it looks grey in the photos, it is definitely the perfect green/blue mix (1:1, humbrol 76 & humbrol 96). Will erase the pencil lines tonight and add the smaller damage topically tomorrow. Also will take outdoor lit photos tomorrow when it is all done.
Here is where we stand as of tonight: the upper and lower cheeks are done, and touch ups will be done on some smaller areas where the steel wool rubbed through too much and exposed a different color. Thank goodness it only happened in very small area, and can be easily fixed. These were easier than the back panels though! Lol!
Sorry for the lack of updates guy, the last week has been super hectic. Have had to visit family in the hospital over in Tennessee (two states over) and get back here for work. Finally got a few hours to lay down the maskol on the dome. This will be painted with the gray layer tonight, masked tomorrow and then the humbrol 76 green will be layer on for the final coat.
So yes I should have the green on by now, but I don’t so bite me ;). Anyways I finished off masking the last of the gray (all but one small spot) before I ran out of masking fluid, more maskol should be here tomorrow though, then the green can be laid on.