EE-3 grip questions


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Since I'm doing everything else scratch built, I figure I'll do the blaster as well. I have a good plan for the whole thing but the grip. Any suggestions how I can make the knurled pattern on the grip? Even if it was just a thin covering, that would work. I just can't think of how to achieve the pattern.




Active Hunter might try a gun store that carries grips...there are few companies that make rubber grips that could be comparable to the grips you are looking for...

...hope this helps...

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Lewis :cheers
That's what I plan on doing, checking a gun or sporting goods store for a set of grips for a large revolver. Doing all the intricate work yourself would probably be quite difficult, unless you're experienced with detailed woodwork.


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or you could go for a plain wooden grip like mine. I like to think it gives a more battered look



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I made a wooden one, it just didn't have the patern in it, other then that it looked ok.

soft woods are a charm to work with actually and I plan on using a little more wood in the future...