Dunno if this is the right way to do an intro. ..


New Hunter
:confused Couldn't find an introduction bit so thought I'd just say a quick hello to everyone on my first post.

Names Chris and I've decided to have a bash at getting together a Jango costume.

I've been interested in props and costumes for quite a few years now, used to have a Stormtrooper costume and a few Fett bits but the Fett project never got off the ground :( , but I've caught the bug again so Jango seems like a good un to start off with.

I'm gonna have a good look around the forum so hopefully will find a lot of the info I need, however please stand by for a few daft questions along the way :cheers

Sounds good to me, and welcome. Along the way, if you stick around you will make many friends. The road to a costume is a long one but worth it. You will have many questions, just remember to use the search feature, and no question is to stupid. I have asked many many questions, and not once did it go unanwered, or made fun of.
Well ya done and screwed up on your first post so I'm gonna have to ban ya!!! WOOHOOO!!!!

Just kidding ;) Welcome aboard and hope you have as much fun making yours as we all do!
Well, im new too and im making a jango fett costume myself . it's not too difficult, but it is time consuming. whenever you got questions just ask. maybe i can help and if not many people will be willing to help you find your answer. well until next post...
Regards from The-Dark-Knight-
Welcome to the team.
Welcome to Team Jango! Remember to be patient, it takes a long time to do it right. Have a good time and we'll see you around

Welcome aboard . We are happy to see you here. My only advice to you is not rush your Jango. You will go through many stages. From happy to Fed-up. Not trying to scare you. But in the end you should be pretty darn happy. This is the ultimate board where you can get any advice for free! People here are very down to Earth considering we are from a Galaxy far, far away . . . :)
Wow, friendly place - thanks for the replies guys. Nothing worse than going onto a new forum and no-one replies. :lol:

I'm not going to rush doing doing this, I've got some props here that I've been working on bit by bit for months and still havn't completed ( non Jango or Star Wars stuff ) - I try to get my props looking as good as I can and as screen accurate as possible.

Looks like I've come to the right place (y)

Right, time to take a look at some of these threads and get a list of what I need and then come back with a few questions.


well, this was the closest thing to a intro and welcome thread that I have found in the last couple days of perusing :D so I figured I'd pipe up. My name is matt nicholas, I live up here in vancouver, wa. Been doing the star wars costuming thing since 99' just wrapped up my tusken raider as my last project, feel free to click the link in the sig, shows what I've been havin fun with so far, working on the finishing touches of my girlfriends tusken, and have started on my jango. I've got my armor almost done, and hopefully should have a bucket on the way soon :D . I've wanted to do this rig for a long time, but you guys know how it is, the reality is, these costumes are NEVER done! theres always a little something here or there that you're not happy with, want to fix, or want to upgrade, and it seems like every time I pull one of these getups on to go troop I find something else to spend cash on and fix, so the jango has been on backburner for a long time. So here I am, I've been diggin through the forum readin a bit of this a bit of that, collecting pics and building a file of ref material, I'm stoked to be here, friggin pumped to start this project, and look forward to having some gear to toss out and have critiqued. Now the trick is to work piece by piece and not steamroll my wallet into oblivion LOL!
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