DP vs. Rubies?


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Hello from a newbie!

I'd really like to start assembling my first Fett costume, and I figure I need to start with the helmet. I don't think I'd ever be able to spend the money on a fiberglass one, so it's gonna have to be a DP or Rubies.

I have a concern about the size though. Out of the affordable models, which is the largest in terms of fit? I'm 6-4, with a slightly oversized melon. Will I be able to cram my skull into one of these???

TIA for your insight,



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A Rubies will still set you back approx £50 and yet you can get a great bucket from 'BobaMaker' for about £90.

imo its worth the extra.

or make your own, take a look at some of the threads where ppl have (they are really good)


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i think the rubies / dp will look minature on you. i'm only 5' 8" and they seem too small to me.

since the helmet is the main thing people look at, i think it's worth saving up the extra $$ for a good one. you should be able to get any number of raw fiberglass buckets for under 200.


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ebrouwer said:
I appreciate the comment tk7602. Who makes the largest fiberglass bucket out there???

i don't know all of the fett helmet makers out there, so i can't give a useful answer there.

the MSH2 is held in high regard for accuracy, and is definitely roomy. i've got plent of room in there. my guess is that all of the fiberglass ones from reputable sources should be plenty large enough.


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If you want to talk largest, I'd say the MLC is the largest bucket... closely followed by the MSH2 and then the MS.


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To answer your question, if you can find one, the Don Posts are bigger than the rubies. the Don Post is a great bucket (the vote is still out on the Don Post 97's though). But, like everyone else said, if you want to do it right, get a FG/Resin bucket. Not a DP or Rubies. if time is a factor (halloween), find a DP or a Rubies.


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If you're going to go with a DP the 95 has been proven to be the best option followed by the 96. Once you get a 97 you've really got your work cut out for you. I'm not saying it can't be worked with but its going to be REALLY tough to get it to look anywhere near as good as a 96 and doubtfully would ever approach a 95 in quality.
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The largest mass produced helmet out there is the DP95. If you want to go bigger than that, you will need a "mystery" helmet, or an MLC, MSH, MSH2, or a BM bucket.


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JediFish02 said:
What are the costs and how are these helmets obtained exactly?

the former is easy: somewhere in the area of $200+ for a raw kit (not trimmed or painted)

the latter is tougher. watch the cargo hold thread. they come up pretty often in there.

be careful of ebay... you don't know what you're actually getting.

hopefully one or more of the helmet makers here will pm you :)