Licensed Boba Fett helm market value - Master Replicas vs EFX


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I watched jhfagan fix/repair his '95 DP last year and was very impressed and inspired with his outcoume. As some of you know I finished my ROTJ journey (at least my phase 1). At the beginning, I wanted to convert my '95 DP that my girlfriend (now my wife) got for me Christmas of '95 and do a budget build - $1500. Well, like many of you I fell off that budget bandwagon and decided to go all out! I'm now in the neighborhood of about $5200 on this hobby so far - yep, still upgrading. There were simply way too many cool and awesome things out there on the market that I couldn't say "No" to. Before I hacked up my '95 DP, it also was in pristine condition. It's funny, some of the things you don't realize had value that you now hacked apart. My mission now is to finish the bucket with a decent paintjob and maybe even upgrade on it a bit.
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I just hope I can do it some justice.


....But yeah, $2K would be a bit too steep for me too. Even for knowing how much I've spent on this already - hehehe!
Yeah man!
Thanks for the shout out!
And glad you enjoyed my re-build of my 95 DP.
After having gone through what I did to restore mine, it was clear to me that the 95 Std Fett helmets aren't actually all that bad.
Especially after having given them a good facelift.
I intended to really only improve upon what the original design was shooting for, and even then, it turned out much better than I anticipated!
The visor is definitely the main thing about it that really turns it into something else.
Good luck on that.
I had a bi**h of a time with having to work a way to install a new visor.
Can't wait to see what you do with yours! : )

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A "Legend" version is the only thing EFX can do to separate themselves from other companies who now also possess the same 1st gen casting they originally made. And make it proper ESB instead of SE.
That, I'd buy.
One can only Hope.... Im not holding my breath.