Target/Rubies, GMH, FPH2 comp


Just a quick comp thread showing the super cheap rubies deluxe/target bucket with my GMH and FPH2


GMH left, Rubies Middle, FPH2 Right. ( Like I need to explain :) )


Got to say for the money (£50) this is decent... you could just remove the silver and redo for a super quick lid to have lying around for all the times those "lovely" people want to try on your "Bobby Feet thing"...


Or you could pull it to bits, cut it up, put it back, glass it and totally repaint. Honestly If you had no dough and the will, it could be really useable.


If I didn't already have four accurate lids, I'd do it too. Really don't know what I'll do with this. I just needed to see for myself :)


So I’ve actually got a question about the picture of the back of those lids. I currently own a GMH and have her owned a FPH2 and the back of your FPH2 flares out more than mine did. Is it modified or is it a result of the way the picture is taken?


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They don't look too different but when they're on your head the difference is pretty clear. Great picture though!


The FPH2 has not been modified.
When the GMH seeming to be a better helmet for Jedi, I think Chris exaggerated the flair ever so slightly with the FPH2 to really set it as the empire lid.

That's probably the funniest thing about the Rubies, it is over all quite like the FPH2 for it's Empireness :)