Dan’s Mandalorian Build


Picked up WarMachine’s IB-94 Blaster kit...I gotta say...I LOVE this replica...still lots of work and weathering to do, plus oiling the grips, but MAN, this thing is beautiful!! I’m still playing with different looks for the steel parts. Some are fire blued and some aren’t. I’ve found that there’s so many different looks to the pistol depending on what chapter/scene. I’m sure they had several different props - all with different levels of visible wear. I’d be interested to know if anyone thinks they’ve seen definitive source material for the pistol.




Looking good! What are you using to weather it?
Thanks! Some black and brown washes to really layer the grime in certain areas - then just handle with and without gloves to wear off the grime naturally. Gonna use brass black on the brass pieces next. Otherwise. I just used the edge of a razor to expose the aluminum on the high edges.


Wanted to post a quick update...been really taking my time on this one...right now I’m working on the grips - walnut stain and first coat of tru oil.

Also working on the “flash hider” (I think it’s called) - it came as a mil piece of aluminum with lots of mil lines I’m assuming from being on a lathe. I didn’t like how visible the lines were so I decided to sand them down...while I was at it, I just went for it and wet sanded until I could polish it to a shine. Pretty happy with the result. The first 2 pics are what it looked like before...as I tried to weather it with a black burn, it was really bringing out the mil lines.